Friday, 17 October 2014

LOOK A LITTLE BIT CLOSER! Locate a widow and the children around you, offer some help.

There is a saying in my place that "when they carry another’s corpse, it’s as if they are carrying a log of wood".
When it hits or affects you, you will understand. If you have lost someone before, what I am saying will sure resonate with you.

I am challenging you today to make a personal decision to help the widows and their children. There is something I always say ‘ it is not how much you have that matters, but how much life you have affected positively with what you have’.

I attended Mass in a catholic church in Accra, Ghana recently and was so excited the way the widows’ rite was performed in church. Before it started, the priest announced that no traditional rite should be performed on the widow after what he is about to perform the widows rite under the Catholic faith.

Very simple , but profound !

She was prayed upon, blessed and her mourning clothes blessed as well. She was dressed with a wooden cross necklace that she is expected to wear throughout her ‘chosen’ mourning period for her husband. Once the morning period is over, she is expected to return the cross to the church.
The symbolic separation was her being accompanied to the sanctuary , then after the mass, the Priest went with the mass servers, prayed for her and was let out to go home.
Can our churches begin to do this and take our place as true believers? Be an instrument to fulfill the scripture?
I personally find this amazing  !

The truth is that most widows are so afraid, that they cannot even express what tradition (in the name of culture) has made them go through and are still going through.
Now is the time. The Bible said that, he that the Son of Man has set free is free indeed.

Look around you; help stop these barbaric acts that are happening in the Nigeria and all over the world.
This little of mine, I am gonna let it shine – a popular song we know and sing.

Now is the time to let it shine. …
Locate that widow, offer some help. Find out what they need, take up the laundry bill, pick up the school fees of one of the kids as some of them are unable to continue their education, pay for the cleaners to clean the house for them, pay a caterer to make some dishes and deliver to them, make out time and pray for them, organize birthday parties for their little ones, share encouragement words to them, pray for them , ask a widow the business she is passionate and interested in , start a business for her / them ….the list is endless

Yes you can, and you can start today to make a positive impact.


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